The Vision

To establish and promote the process for eye donation as a responsibility of every citizen

To leverage the power of latest technology and various media for our traditional eye donation process and related infrastructure thereby improving the efficiency and the productivity of the overall system.

Aims & Objective

● To spread awareness about eye donation and its benefits to individuals as well as society at large.

● To motivate people to participate in eye donation by making the process interesting, accessible and easy.

● Utilizing the powers of telecommunication, internet and other media in designing cost effective, interactive and innovative systems to support our eye donation infrastructure.

● Redefining the way social service is done and promoting the same as a responsibility of each individual in our society.

We, the Netram, believe that if the power of technology and the power of communication media are infused together to propagate awareness about eye donation, the gap between the demand and supply of cornea can be bridged. As an organization, we are working to achieve the following:

1. Awareness – Spreading awareness about the cause – by providing with the latest and accurate information using the power of various traditional and social media.

2. Resources - Providing users/eye bank infrastructure with resources

  • 24*7 accessible national level SMS assisted helpline
  • All india skill set registry for eye care professionals and
  • Developing and establishing systems needed to streamline the process of eye donation.




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