About Us

Netram means ―Eyes, and we at Netram foundation are dedicated to develop measurable, cost effective, interactive and innovative systems, tools and processes to improve the awareness about eye donation and increasing the efficiency of overall eye donation infrastructure in India.

Netram foundation is a Young, Creative, and Innovative organization. We have adequate amount of experience in IT and exposure to the latest technologies, traditional mainstream media and digital (social) media. We believe that –

“Technology has now enabled people to communicate in the way they want” – David Dunne

For the first time in history, technology has reached a point where everyone has a voice. This voice, articulated through traditional mainstream media or social media, can be extremely powerful and can force individuals, companies and communities to change the way they behave.

―In India it is very much evident that lack of awareness about eye donation process is cited as an important reason for people not donating their eyes.

We, the Netram, believe that if the power of technology and the power of communication media are infused together to propagate awareness about eye donation, the gap between the demand and supply of cornea can be bridged. As an organization, we are working to achieve the following:

1. Awareness – Spreading awareness about the cause – by providing with the latest and accurate information using easy to use and interesting technology enabled systems.

2. Resources - Providing users with resources such as 24*7 accessible national level SMS helpline and develop and establish systems needed to streamline the process of eye donation.

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